Recommendations- The Reading Women Challenge|Prompts #1-#10

Reading Challenges are the best way to read more books, and also serves as a means to explore diverse genres and authors, which are otherwise unheard of. The Reading Women Podcast is one of my favorites because they bring out the best of literature with interactive discussions and author interviews. I decided to join theContinue reading “Recommendations- The Reading Women Challenge|Prompts #1-#10”

Magical Realism|Literature with a hint of the unconceivable|

Magical Realism expresses a primarily realistic view of the real world while also adding or revealing magical elements. One of my favorite genre and a risky one, Magical Realism is the bridge between reality and fantasy and I am here to suggest you a few books if you wanna try the genre. (You can clickContinue reading “Magical Realism|Literature with a hint of the unconceivable|”