Bookish Discovery #3

Hello, lovelies…. It’s a shame that this is just the 3rd post about something the I partly created. My partner in crime being Tavleen @travellingthroughwords. Read the rules here and join in. There’s a teeny tiny change in the rules. We have decided to do it any day once a week. Flexible isn’t it? TodayContinue reading “Bookish Discovery #3”

Bookish Discovery this Week #2

Hola folks. Another exciting week. And my recent obsession has been YA fantasy genre (other that obsessing over how cute funko pops are). Books I have never been the fantasy loving teenager. Recently, I had the opportunity to read a few fantasy novels and now I wanna read ALL of them. Lady Midnight by Cassandra ClareContinue reading “Bookish Discovery this Week #2”