Book Review: A Respectable Woman by Easterine Kire

Kire’s latest novel ‘A Respectable Women’ is a daughter’s account of a changing landscape through the stories told by her mother and some bitter personal experiences. Kevinuo is fascinated by stories of her homeland and when her mother finally starts telling her tales from the past, stories of a war-torn Nagaland, she is elated. SheContinue reading “Book Review: A Respectable Woman by Easterine Kire”

Book Review: Son of the Thundercloud by Easterine Kire

It is always the narrative that helps us remember certain life lessons better than the others and ‘Son of the Thundercloud’ is one such mesmerizing, tragic and comforting story. Pele, after losing his entire village including his wife and child, embarks on a journey without a destination in mind. On his way, he meets twoContinue reading “Book Review: Son of the Thundercloud by Easterine Kire”