5 Essential Elements for a Children’s book|Guest Post by Aniesha Brahma- Author of ‘The Backyard Tales’

The biggest mistake authors make when they are writing for children, is forgetting the fact they too were once children. It is important to think about to the time when you were a child and try to remember what was the kind of content you liked consuming.
I have developed children’s comics before this. My first brush with writing for children came about two years ago when I sat down and wrote An Awfully BIG Adventure. I remember struggling to ensure that story would sit well with my younger readers too. As authors, we have a responsibility to our readers.

Book Review: North Child by Edith Pattou

Rose, brave and beautiful is a ‘North Child’, which means she is meant to wander and explore lands that are farther away from home. But a mother’s love is a complicated thing and Rose’s mother would give away anything to keep her birth direction a secret. Rose has a penchant for outdoorsy adventures, and wouldContinue reading “Book Review: North Child by Edith Pattou”