Top Ten Books I Want My Future Children to Read (Top 10 Tuesday)

This book meme was started by @thebrokeandthebookish. Find details here. Books I wand my kids or my nieces/nephews etc to read. Well, I will list a few obvious ones, and a few strange ones too. A few authors too because no matter which book they write, it always carries the essence and the magic.So, let theContinue reading “Top Ten Books I Want My Future Children to Read (Top 10 Tuesday)”

Bookish Discovery this Week #2

Hola folks. Another exciting week. And my recent obsession has been YA fantasy genre (other that obsessing over how cute funko pops are). Books I have never been the fantasy loving teenager. Recently, I had the opportunity to read a few fantasy novels and now I wanna read ALL of them. Lady Midnight by Cassandra ClareContinue reading “Bookish Discovery this Week #2”

Bookish Discovery this Week (weekly book meme)

Day 1 of our beautiful creation! haha, I say beautiful because discoveries are always wonderful and full of excitement and thrill. For details about the meme visit here 🙂 Tagging Tavleen right here 🙂 Don’t forget to tag both of us if u decide to participate. So, I have a few things to list thisContinue reading “Bookish Discovery this Week (weekly book meme)”