Book Review: True Liars by Isha Inamdar

True Liars Author: Isha Inamdar Publisher: Harlequin India Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Romance Blurb (as on Aspiring deejay NJ – Anjana – lives in Mumbai with her best friend Harsh and his boyfriend Sam. When Harsh has to go to Phalodi, his hometown in Rajasthan, for his sister’s wedding, he convinces NJ to tag along,Continue reading “Book Review: True Liars by Isha Inamdar”

Book Review: These Circuses that Sweep through the Landscape by Tejaswini Apte-Rahm.

These Circuses that Sweep through the Landscape Author: Tejaswini Apte-Rahm Publisher: Aleph Book Company Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Short Stories Blurb (as on Goodreads): A fanatical collector of beetles finds out too late where his passion has led him. A woman out on a shopping spree in a glitzy mall finds she can’t go home again. AContinue reading “Book Review: These Circuses that Sweep through the Landscape by Tejaswini Apte-Rahm.”

Book Review: No Plain Rebel by M.C. Frank (NOS #2)

Warning: This review might contain spoilers. It is highly recommended to read the first book of the series (No Ordinary Star) and then go through the following review. You can read the review for NOS here. No Plain Rebel Book 2: No Ordinary Star series Author: M.C. Frank Genre: Dystopian fiction, Sci-fi, Fantasy Blurb (as onContinue reading “Book Review: No Plain Rebel by M.C. Frank (NOS #2)”

Book Review: The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

“Nolite te bastardes carborundorum. Don’t let the bastards grind you down.” The Handmaid’s Tale Publisher: Vintage Classics Blurb (as on Goodreads): Offred is a Handmaid in the Republic of Gilead. She may leave the home of the Commander and his wife once a day to walk to food markets whose signs are now pictures insteadContinue reading “Book Review: The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood”

Book Review- Immer by Denise McFarland

Weekenddddddddddddddddddddd! Here I am, procrastinating! Immer is the first novel by Author Denise McFarland. It’s a YA fantasy based on the existence and role of wolves along with the human civilization. Blurb (as on Goodreads) The world has evolved. Fairies exist and have the power to heal. Vampires are real and aren’t to be trusted.Continue reading “Book Review- Immer by Denise McFarland”

Bookish Discovery this Week #2

Hola folks. Another exciting week. And my recent obsession has been YA fantasy genre (other that obsessing over how cute funko pops are). Books I have never been the fantasy loving teenager. Recently, I had the opportunity to read a few fantasy novels and now I wanna read ALL of them. Lady Midnight by Cassandra ClareContinue reading “Bookish Discovery this Week #2”

The Mystery Blogger Award

Hieeeeeeeeeeee. My first award! The Mystery Blogger Award. I’d like to thank the author of A Tepid Wary for tagging me in The Mystery Blogger Award. I’d also like to thank Okoto Enigmas for creating this tag! Let’s start with the rules: The rules of this award are: • Display the award logo/image on yourContinue reading “The Mystery Blogger Award”

Unboxing: The Big Book Box (May subscription)

Hey folks, I recently received my TBB box. I ordered the Frappe Box which retails for 999/-. The theme was “Women of Substance”. There are a bunch of things I received in the box. Perfect by Cecilia Ahern: One of my TBR’s 🙂 The Communist Manifesto: by Penguin Classics Barefoot Sunshine: This is their own magazine/booklet sortaContinue reading “Unboxing: The Big Book Box (May subscription)”

Bookish Discovery this Week (weekly book meme)

Day 1 of our beautiful creation! haha, I say beautiful because discoveries are always wonderful and full of excitement and thrill. For details about the meme visit here 🙂 Tagging Tavleen right here 🙂 Don’t forget to tag both of us if u decide to participate. So, I have a few things to list thisContinue reading “Bookish Discovery this Week (weekly book meme)”

Book Review: “Sita: The Warrior of Mithila”

Hey folks, I finished the much-anticipated book of 2017 (especially for Indian book lovers) and it took me 3 days to finish this book (that’s because breathing and eating and sleeping consumes most of my time 😛 ) Blurb (as on Goodreads) India, 3400 BCE. India is beset with divisions, resentment, and poverty. The peopleContinue reading “Book Review: “Sita: The Warrior of Mithila””