Book Review: Begin Again by Mona Kasten

Begin Again Author: Mona Kasten Publisher: Bastei Entertainment Genre: YA Romance, Fiction Blurb (as on Goodreads): He makes the rules. She breaks them all. A new start. It’s the only thing keeping Allie Harper going, when she packs up her life and moves across the country to Woodshill, Oregon. She’s about to start college, desperate toContinue reading “Book Review: Begin Again by Mona Kasten”

Book Review: Served with Love by Priyanka Menon

Served with Love Author: Priyanka Menon Publisher: Harlequin India Genre: Fiction, Romance Blurb (as on Abhimanyu Dev, orphaned early and brought up by a doting grandfather, has his life chalked out. He is forty-two years old and single and intends to stay that way. And he runs a hotel with all the care he mightContinue reading “Book Review: Served with Love by Priyanka Menon”

Book Review: Harappa- Curse of the Blood River by Vineet Bajpai

Harappa: Curse of the Blood River Author: Vineet Bajpai Publisher: VB Performance LLP Genre: Historical Fiction Blurb (as on Goodreads): The story oscillates from history to mythology, from occult to religion, from exorcism to gunfights, from taantrics to warriors, from love to ambition. It knits 3,700 years, powerful ancient and modern-day characters and a nail-bitingContinue reading “Book Review: Harappa- Curse of the Blood River by Vineet Bajpai”

August Wrap-up :)

Hello Folks, August: My favorite month of the year. Because it’s Birthday month.   Well, August was more of a review copy month for me. Filled with both crappy and good books. My endless TBR remains untouched 😦 Let’s jump to it then. Messed up! But all for you by Arvind Parashar: A book IContinue reading “August Wrap-up :)”

Bookish Discovery #3

Hello, lovelies…. It’s a shame that this is just the 3rd post about something the I partly created. My partner in crime being Tavleen @travellingthroughwords. Read the rules here and join in. There’s a teeny tiny change in the rules. We have decided to do it any day once a week. Flexible isn’t it? TodayContinue reading “Bookish Discovery #3”