February (2019) Wrap-up

February was a month full of challenges and I did realize that I read more when I have other things stressing me out. Most parts of the month was invested in balancing between studies and deadlines, and the rest was mostly me dragging myself around like a sloth (because I was sick :P) Jumping rightContinue reading “February (2019) Wrap-up”

January (2019) Wrap-up

I was quite worried about what this year would bring and January hasn’t been helpful at all. From failing in exams to having a mental breakdown, January has been quite eventful. Reading wise, I might have exerted myself a bit. I also had to take a break from Instagram because my anxiety was having itsContinue reading “January (2019) Wrap-up”

December Wrap-up|Ending the year with a BANG!|

2018 is officially over, and I am not ready for 2019. I am sure by the time I am ready for 2019, it will be time for 2020, Honestly, that’s my life- living in this dream world of mine. Speaking of the dream world, I did go full-on bonkers this month and read 21 books.Continue reading “December Wrap-up|Ending the year with a BANG!|”

November Wrap-up|An Overwhelming Month|

Hello Fam! Here’s a kickass reading month. I managed to read so many books this month, especially because of a surgery I had earlier this month and had to stay in bed for about a week. I also traveled quite a lot this month. All the events led me to devour books back to back.Continue reading “November Wrap-up|An Overwhelming Month|”

October Wrap-up |A good reading month|

Hey guys, I skipped September wrap-up because I was not is a good place at that time, but here is my October wrap-up. I had a good reading month, in spite of all the festivities and guests. Let’s have a look: French Exit by Patrick deWitt Guilty as Sin by Meghan March Jasmine Days byContinue reading “October Wrap-up |A good reading month|”

August Wrap-up|The Happy Month|

Hellowww *peeps from my burrow underground* I have skipped June-July wrapup but today I bring to you a month I am actually proud of. I have read 20 books this month. I also broke my book buying ban and I am stocking my shelf again. I still don’t know if that a win-win. Let’s getContinue reading “August Wrap-up|The Happy Month|”

April-May Wrap Up!

I have been feeling guilty all May because I couldn’t put up an April Wrap-up post. So here’s a combined wrap-up for this post. **Click on the name to go to my review.** Books read in April The Silent Companions by Laura Purcell The Ballad of Huck and Miguel by Tim DeRoche Norwegian Wood by HarukiContinue reading “April-May Wrap Up!”