My Favourite Translated Books|International Translation Day

Today is ‘International Translation Day’ and I have prepared a list of my favourite translated books. These are from languages all around the world and I have a feeling you have picked-up and loved atlease one of these. Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami (Tr. Japanese by Philip Gabriel)– Kafka resonated with me mainlyContinue reading “My Favourite Translated Books|International Translation Day”

Audiobooks I Am Listening To|Reading Update

Audiobooks are a great way to multi task, which I thought I was good at untill work kicked in. I am trying to listen to books as I work, and here are the ones I picked. You Had Me at Hola by Alexis Dara– A telenovela shoot, and two love starved co-stars. This is theContinue reading “Audiobooks I Am Listening To|Reading Update”

Samuel Halpin Recommends His 5 Favourite Books|Author of ‘The Peculiar Peggs of Riddling Woods’

Samuel J. Halpin is the author of ‘The Peculiar Peggs of Riddling Woods’, his first novel and my favourite Middle-Grade book of all times. I requested him to recommend his 5 favourite books and here they are:

3 Books set in Sri-Lanka Which Bring Out Different Aspects of This Coastal Heaven

Sri-Lanka comes to my mind each time I make a travel plan, even though travelling is not my favourite thing in the world. And books have played a major role in making me fall in love with this lush land and it’s culture. My top 3 books set in Sri-Lanka includes ‘Beautiful People’ by Amanthi Harris, ‘Upon A Sleepless Isle’ by Andrew Fidel Fernando and ‘Suncatcher’ by Romesh Gunasekara.

Hispanic Heritage Month 2020|Books on my TBR

The Hispanic Heritage Month starts on September 15 and ends on October 15. A month dedicated to the Hispanic culture and their rich and vibrant history, Hispanic Heritage Month celebrated the positive impact Hispanic Americans left on America. The contributors are citizen whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Carribean and Central and South America.
I plan to pick up five books with Latinx representation and by #OwnVoices Latinx authors.

Want to Buy Affordable and Good Quality Second Hand Books in India? Readerskart Is Your Answer

On the lookout for online second hand book store in India, I came across Readerskart, an online second-hand bookstore that provides some amazing and well-loved tites atr affordable prizes.

Women in Translation Wrap-Up |August 2020|#WITMonth

Each year, August celebrates translated literature written by Women authors in a language other than English (and then translated into English) from around the world. Started six years ago by Maytal Tadzinkski, a blogger and scholar, the month aims to support emerging voices and is now a global movement. I managed to read 5 booksContinue reading “Women in Translation Wrap-Up |August 2020|#WITMonth”

5 Essential Elements for a Children’s book|Guest Post by Aniesha Brahma- Author of ‘The Backyard Tales’

The biggest mistake authors make when they are writing for children, is forgetting the fact they too were once children. It is important to think about to the time when you were a child and try to remember what was the kind of content you liked consuming.
I have developed children’s comics before this. My first brush with writing for children came about two years ago when I sat down and wrote An Awfully BIG Adventure. I remember struggling to ensure that story would sit well with my younger readers too. As authors, we have a responsibility to our readers.

5 Books by Japanese Modern Masters- Book recommendation by Anukrti Upadhyay

Anukrti Upadhyay is the author of Bhaunri and Daura, two books inspired by folklore from Rajasthan. Upadhyay builds an eerie world, with strong feminine characters and a story powerful enough to touch your heart and leave behind an impression that is here to stay for a really long time. Her upcoming novel, Kintsugi is availableContinue reading “5 Books by Japanese Modern Masters- Book recommendation by Anukrti Upadhyay”

Mid-year favorites|Books that I would recommend without a doubt|

It’s June already, and that marks the end of half a year. This post is all about those gems that stood out each month and why you should pick them up. So, let’s get started: Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens: If you like– Historical Fiction, strong female protagonist, a lot of nature intricatelyContinue reading “Mid-year favorites|Books that I would recommend without a doubt|”