5 Essential Elements for a Children’s book|Guest Post by Aniesha Brahma- Author of ‘The Backyard Tales’

The biggest mistake authors make when they are writing for children, is forgetting the fact they too were once children. It is important to think about to the time when you were a child and try to remember what was the kind of content you liked consuming.
I have developed children’s comics before this. My first brush with writing for children came about two years ago when I sat down and wrote An Awfully BIG Adventure. I remember struggling to ensure that story would sit well with my younger readers too. As authors, we have a responsibility to our readers.

5 Books by Japanese Modern Masters- Book recommendation by Anukrti Upadhyay

Anukrti Upadhyay is the author of Bhaunri and Daura, two books inspired by folklore from Rajasthan. Upadhyay builds an eerie world, with strong feminine characters and a story powerful enough to touch your heart and leave behind an impression that is here to stay for a really long time. Her upcoming novel, Kintsugi is availableContinue reading “5 Books by Japanese Modern Masters- Book recommendation by Anukrti Upadhyay”

Author Interview: Gunjan Jain

Gunjan Jain brings us a book that is awe-worthy and inspirational. She Walks, She Leads is a collection of some amazing woman who made it big not by luck but by hard work. But this journey wasn’t a cake walk. Here are some questions I asked her and she was kind enough to answer themContinue reading “Author Interview: Gunjan Jain”

Author Interview- Bragadeesh Prasanna

Today I bring to you another Indie writer, who recently published his second book ‘Waterboarding’, a romance with a pretty scary twist. I had the opportunity to read the book and my review can be found here 🙂 Meet Mr. Bragadeesh Prasanna. I had the pleasure of asking a few question to this amazing soulContinue reading “Author Interview- Bragadeesh Prasanna”

Author Interview: Kevin Missal

A quick author introduction (Courtesy: Goodreads) Kevin Missal is a 21-year-old graduate of St. Stephen’s College, who has written four novels till now ranging from crime to mythology to horror. He had written his first book at the age of 14, which was released by the Chief Minister of Delhi. His second book was writtenContinue reading “Author Interview: Kevin Missal”

Author Interview- Arka Datta

Arka Datta     Books: A Team of Extraordinary Bastards Here’s how it goes Love stories that touched my heart (with a bunch of other people) MYRIAD TALES – A Season of CHILLS, THRILLS & SPILLS ( Too many people this time) Let’s start with what the author has to say about himself. (Credit-Goodreads) ArkaContinue reading “Author Interview- Arka Datta”

Book Review: A Team of Extraordinary Bastards by Arka Datta

A Team of Extraordinary Bastards: Publisher: Storymirror Info Tech Ltd Genre: Fiction Blurb (as on Goodreads): Arya Sen is Destiny’s child, a young boy from Kolkata who is born to be the greatest the Football World has ever seen. The universe never fails to surprise him with good fortunes as he embarks on his journeyContinue reading “Book Review: A Team of Extraordinary Bastards by Arka Datta”

Book Review: Once Upon a Genie by Durriya Kapasi + Author Interview

A Genie! This book made me want a Genie. Preferably a smoking hot one 😉 Okay! Back to reality. Hola folks! A book about fantasies and dream. Here’s my take on “Once Upon a Genie” by Durriya Kapasi. Genre: Fiction, Fantasy Publisher: Half Baked Beans Blurb (as on Amazon) Daisy had no idea what wasContinue reading “Book Review: Once Upon a Genie by Durriya Kapasi + Author Interview”