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Mridula Gupta

Book Reviewer & Content Creator

I might be writing this as I read, so pardon the mistakes. A reviewer & content creator by profession, I spend my days adding books to my humungous TBR (which has been threatening to fall upon me and kill me since time immemorial, but well!). I identify myself as an #OwnVoices reviewer and I represent India.

I am also a stubborn artist and a self-proclaimed poet, which roughly translates into the fact that my creative outlets are positively messy. I obsess over Historical Fiction, Rom-coms, K-Drama, Sunflowers and the Importance of Day-dreaming.

And if you’re wondering why my blog is called ‘Ecstatic yet Chaotic‘- ‘Chaotic’ because I thrive in Chaos and ‘Ecstatic’ because ‘be happy no matter what’ happens to be my mantra.

On ‘Ecstatic yet Chaotic’, you’ll find:

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