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Talking animals- that’s the first thing I noticed as I skimmed through Brahma’s ‘The Backyard Tales’. Mia adopts Pippo, a talking cat who hears voices beaconing him to leave the comforts of his house and join a cult of talking animals who serve a greater power- The Witch. As Aniesha feeds us the mysterious details of these Backyard Tales, we are swept into a journey that is fascinating, well-scripted and promises an adventure of one of a kind.

The human characters have been written with great depth and the backstory gave then the required strength to form lovable characters. Pippo and Mia are quite similar- headstrong, curious, and street-smart, making them a great duo. Their bond instantly develops into something strong and admirable.

In Aniesha Brahma’s ‘The Backyard Tales’, a magical world comes alive through everyday characters, furry friends and a sinister mystery that eventually unfolds into a great story. Brahma is a great storyteller-I’ll give her that. That said, I will surely be on the lookout for more stories by her (and I do hope, we see more animals because let’s be honest-they make any story a great story).


Rating: 4 out of 5.

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About the Book:

The Backyard Tales is the story of the bond shared between 17-year-old Mia Basu Roy and her beloved cat, Pippo. She seems to understand him far too well for a human. And he seems to have another life that Mia begins to suspect. She follows her cat to their backyard and down a very dangerous road which leads her to witches, talking animals, and a story that’s much bigger than what she initially suspected. 

Read this story to discover all of Mia and Pippo’s secrets, be enchanted by magic, and get the answer to a question that has haunted us for ages: does a cat truly love their owner?

About the Author:

Young Adult and Children’s novelist, Aniesha Brahma, studied Comparative Literature. She started her career has as a social media manager in a publishing house. Currently works as a senior content writer in a digital media agency. When she is not working, she is dreaming up stories, conducting sessions for her popular YouTube Series, Chai & Chill, or planning how to get even more books and bookish content to readers via BUZZ Magazine. You can read more of her work at Aniesha’s Musings and drop a line at:

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