Book Review: The Many Realities of that Rainy Summer by Shreyansh Katsura

Shreyansh’s love for Murakami shines through the pages of his first novella, The Many Realities of that Rainy Summer. K, a video game enthusiast has been having recurring dreams of being lost in a mansion, the walls pressing on him and mysteries lying in plain sight. His lifestyle isn’t the most healthy one, which consists mainly of obsession over video games, writing about them for a company, and spending time with a friend who can be best described as weird and out-of-place. K then meets a girl who has a dangerous plan brewing in her mind, a heist that will eventually help K understand the secret of his dreams and unlock the formula to a more well-balanced life.

Shreyansh brings in a lot of bizarre elements and his story floats a little above the ground. It could definitely have been more polished, especially certain descriptions. The story is intriguing, there’s a hidden thrill to it and his character’s love for video games is authentic and rubs off on the reader. The way the author ties up the end is also pretty interesting, leaving a lot to the imagination. However, it could have been a little neater and easier to comprehend. This contemporary novel is an entertaining one, set in a world where everything gets overwhelming. Bonus points for quotes from my favorite authors.

You can buy your e-book here: Amazon Kindle

Blurb (as on Goodreads):

K, a 22 years old delinquent lives in a town that is enveloped in a never-ending rain. Losing his only passion for playing video games at the same time has left him with a black and white purposeless life. When all seems lost, he stumbles upon a mysterious runaway girl who is willing to go to any extent to follow her utmost passion no matter how bizarre things seem to be.
As their fate intertwines, K learns a lot about life, about how reality works, his own existence, and the impeccable importance of spiritual connections that holds everything together.
Moreover, he’s having a series of reoccurring extraordinary lucid dreams every night that throws him in front of a gothic mansion enveloped in darkness, unlike anything. Somehow, someway, everything is connected.


Thanks to the author for a copy of the book. The opinions are my own.

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