Book Review: Skycircus by Peter Bunzl|An Escape from the mysterious circus full of secrets and lies

Skycircus CoverUntitled - Copy

Another installment to the Cogheart series and these books can be fairly termed as an adventure rather than a thriller (unlike the other two books in this series).

Lily, Robert, and Malkin are swept into the mysterious and somewhat dangerous world of the Skycircus after Lily receives her mother’s journals in a mysterious package on her birthday. There she meets other hybrids and Angelica, a girl with wings that help her to fly.

If you haven’t heard of the series, ‘Cogheart Adventures’ contains mechanists (people/inventors working with the machine’s) and characters who are either entirely mechanical or part machine-part human (hybrids) and a thrilling journey they embark on, with each book.

As familiar people return to this story, we are swept into the cacophony of the circus of people, with their tents, slang and various kinds of setups. I was thrilled to read more about life in the circus because it has always fascinated me and the author brought it to life with every passing page.

Other than that, Paris as a backdrop was remarkably done. The streets, people, food and lifestyle was surprisingly pleasant to read amidst children trying to escape from an evil circus.

My problem, however, lies with two things- Characters and dialogue. There are many characters we come across throughout the story, some old and some new. But they weren’t well developed. It’s more of mere mentions of the character and the present circumstances rather than insight on what kind of people they truly are.

The dialogues were a bit too mature for a middle-grade novel and drifter more towards monologues and philosophical conversations. Kids that age, talking about their purpose in life and advising adults isn’t exactly very convincing. I would recommend reading the series starting from Book 1, even though all the books can be read as a standalone so that you can familiarize yourself with the characters and the setting.

The plot is extremely entertaining and there are lessons to be learned, such as the need to accept all kinds of people no matter how different or alike they are(hybrids in this case) and the advantages and disadvantages of technology.



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Blurb (as on Goodreads):

When a traveling sky circus arrives in Brackenbridge, Lily and Robert can’t wait to step aboard… But there’s something sinister about the hybrid children who appear as part of the act. And before Lily and Robert can do anything, they’re captured by shadowy figures and whisked off in the mysterious flying circus to somewhere far, far away…

Treachery, tight-ropes and trickery combine in this incredible third Cogheart adventure…Coot_page_divider


*Thank you to the publisher for a copy of the book. All opinions are my own*

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