Book Review: Bhaunri by Anukrti Upadhyay|When love turns into an obsession

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Blurb (as on Goodreads):

Can too much love be a dangerous thing? Bhaunri is married, as is the custom in her tribe of nomadic blacksmiths, when she is still a child.

When she is finally sent away to her husband’s home as a young woman, she finds herself drawn deeply and powerfully towards the gruff and handsome Bheema. Bheema, however, is far from the ideal husband, and when he strays one time too many, Bhaunri’s love for him begins to fester and grow into something dark and fearsome.

Anukrti Upadhyay’s short novel Bhaunri is a story of obsessive love and the destructive power of desire. Half-real and half-fable, and redolent with the songs and myths, the beauty and mystery of Rajasthan, it announces the arrival of a powerful new literary talent.Untitled - Copy

Bhaunri, raised by a loving father and a daring mother is now ready to travel to her husband’s house. But Bheema, a handsome young lad turns out to be shrewd and popular among other women in the village.

The seeds of love, however, have already been sowed in Bhaunri’s heart and this love runs deep. How much love is too much love? the author asks and gives us this beautiful story to ponder over.

Bhaunri as a character became my instant favorite when she stood up to being bullied by her father-in-law and asked her husband to return the love she feels for him with the same intensity. But her love for Bheema is definitely overbearing at times and obnoxious. And Bheema, handsome with a perfect build has grown up in a chaotic and stressful environment. He has learned of the ways of life from the outside world and his behavior isn’t exactly justified.

Other than their relationship, Bhaunri’s equation with the other characters has been explored quite well and this household in its entirety makes for a fulfilling story. With barely 140 pages, Bhaunri gives us a love story that goes beyond reasons and a family, flawed by circumstances.ratings


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*Thank you HarperCollins for the copy. All opinions are my own*

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