e-ARC Review: The Nail House by Gregory Baines

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Blurb (as on Goodreads):

Lindon, an Australian project manager with a failed marriage behind him, is lured to China with the promise of a lucrative salary. His task: to solve the problem of a ‘Nail House’, the home of a stubborn old man who refuses to relocate, even as the bulldozers move in and the skyscrapers grow around him.

But as Lindon negotiates with the old man’s family, he finds sense where there is none. And love where there is war.Untitled - Copy

After a failed marriage back in Australia, Lindon finds himself taking a job as a project manager in China. But his dreams of an easy job with steady pay evaporates when he is asked to demolish a certain ‘Nail house’ that sits right in the middle of the construction site. Its owner is a proud man who refuses to budge, and would rather have his beloved house attached every night than move to a more secure and permanent location.

Zhen, the resident of this “Nail House’ wants nothing more than to move out with her fiancee Sun to a modern, air-conditioned flat and live a happy and contented life. When Zhen and Lindon’s paths cross in a bar in a drunken state, they know that they aren’t;t particularly fond of each other. But love has blossomed amidst war and these are just two vulnerable human souls waiting for cupid to strike.

With quotes from ‘The Art of War’ this romance, with an abundance of thrill had me engrossed for the better part. The story is fairly simple, and if you are smarter than me, predictable. But I was invested in the characters, taking this journey with them and silencing loving, hating and judging each one of them. The whole backdrop of ‘The Nail House’ and its associated attacks and problems supports this budding love story so well.

Lindon is a man hopelessly in love with a girl he can’t have and Zhen wants more from life than what Sun has to offer. Lindon’s simplicity and honestly will definitely win hearts. Whereas Zhen is daring and dreams on and has her life planned out for her.

‘The Nail House’ is thrilling, engaging and at times, adorable. It’s a book that can very well be finished in one sitting, so please pick it up because this romance will keep you invested.

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*Thank you Fairlight Books for a copy of the book. All opinions are my own*

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