Book Review: A Tigeress Called Machhli by Supriya Sehgal|True Animal Stories from India|

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Blurb (Goodreads):

MEET THE SUPERSTARS OF INDIA’S ANIMAL KINGDOM! A crocodile who loves eating rice. A mule who won an award for bravery. A camera-friendly tigress who ruled Ranthambore. Swashbuckling monitor lizards. Rats believed to be the children of a goddess. Cuddly dogs who help nervous travellers. Five thousand punctual parrots… Soar, crawl, hop and scamper about with these and other intriguing creatures, along with their equally interesting human friends, as they take you on a most unusual journey across the country. Cheerfully told and charmingly illustrated, these animal stories, collected from cities, jungles, rescue missions and maybe even your neighbourhood, are funny, fascinating and downright adorable. And the best part? They’re all completely true!Untitled - Copy

If you are looking for quirky stories that hold a treasure trove of knowledge, look no further. This collection of extremely short stories is all about the strange stories about animals we keep hearing in India.

Each story takes to a part of India where these animals are known to exhibit strange behavior and/or live in association with mankind. And their stories aren’t made up. They exist in the form of folk tales, a page from history, as well as documentaries.

For example- A crocodile who is a vegetarian, a child who coexists with a tiger, a desert lizard known to have handed Sivaji his victory against the British, A temple full of rats who are considered as the deity’s sons, etc. etc.

And what’s best is the narration. It’s full filled, easy to understand and relate too and full of beautiful illustrations. The author has also put up tiny tidbits about each story and how one can apply them to their basic study curriculum. This collection positively surprised me and I had no idea I would end up enjoying it so much.

A perfect book for kids and their insatiable curiosity and for adults looking for a fun-filled and thrilling read.

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*Thank you Hachette India for a copy of the book. All opinions are my own*

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