Book Review: Magical Women by Sukanya Venkatraghavan|Stories that touch your heart

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Blurb (as on Goodreads):

A weaver is initiated into the ancient art of bringing a universe into existence. A demon hunter encounters an unlikely opponent. Four goddesses engage in a cosmic brawl. A graphic designer duels with a dark secret involving a mysterious tattoo. A defiant chudail makes a shocking announcement at a kitty party. A puppet seeking adventure discovers who she really is. A young woman’s resolute choice leads her to haunt Death across millennia. . .

A compelling collection of stories that speak of love, rage, rebellion, choices and chances, Magical Women brings together some of the strongest female voices in contemporary Indian writing. Combining astounding imagination with superlative craft, these tales will intrigue and delight readers in equal measure.

Featuring the works of: * Asma Kazi * Kiran Manral * Krishna Udayasankar * Nikita Deshpande * Ruchika Roy * Samhita Arni * Sejal Mehta * Shreya Ila Anasuya * Shveta Thakrar * Shweta Taneja * Sujatha S.V. * Sukanya Venkatraghavan * Tashan Mehta * Trisha Das

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‘Magical Women’ is a collection of 14 women-centric short stories that deals with issues such as sexual abuse, patriarchy, Global Warming, love, and loneliness. It’s quite diverse and contains strong opinionated and rational voices. The stories are a mix of fantasy, contemporary literature, mythology, and science fiction.

Since each story has been contributed by a different author, the writing style might be difficult to follow. But most of these stories are imaginative and intricate retellings that are engrossing and definitive. The Sci-fi ones didn’t work for me because that genre is still alien to me, but the rest of the collection was remarkable.

My favorite from this collection are:

  • Rulebook for Creating a Universe by Tashan Mehta: One child’s appeal to bring change and maintain balance goes unheard when men decide that there is only one way to life-their way.
  • Earth and Evolution walk into a Bar by Sejal Mehta: An intense conversation between Earth and Evolution
  • Tridevi Turbulence by Trisha Das: Based on the pollution of the river Ganges and its disappearance due to Global Warming
  • The Carnival at the Edge of the World by Shveta Thakrar: A retelling of ‘Nala and Damayanti’
  • The Rakshasi’s Rose Garden by Sukanya Venkatraghavan: A witch’s approach to molesters and abusers
  • The Girl who Haunted Death by Nikita Deshpande: A retelling of Savitri and her encounter with Death.

This collection is perfect if you are looking for something that isn’t traditional storytelling but equally fun and eye-opening.

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*Thank you Hachette India for a copy of the book. All opinions are my own*

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