Book Review: Good Talk by Mira Jacob|A Memoir in Conversations|

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Blurb (as on Goodreads):

A bold, wry, and intimate graphic memoir about American identity, interracial families, and the realities that divide us, from the acclaimed author of The Sleepwalker’s Guide to Dancing.

“By turns hilarious and heart-rending, it’s exactly the book America needs at this moment.”—Celeste Ng

“Who taught Michael Jackson to dance?”
“Is that how people really walk on the moon?”
“Is it bad to be brown?”
“Are white people afraid of brown people?”

Like many six-year-olds, Mira Jacob’s half-Jewish, half-Indian son, Z, has questions about everything. At first they are innocuous enough, but as tensions from the 2016 election spread from the media into his own family, they become much, much more complicated. Trying to answer him honestly, Mira has to think back to where she’s gotten her own answers: her most formative conversations about race, color, sexuality, and, of course, love.

“How brown is too brown?”
“Can Indians be racist?”
“What does real love between really different people look like?”

Written with humor and vulnerability, this deeply relatable graphic memoir is a love letter to the art of conversation—and to the hope that hovers in our most difficult questions.

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A memoir that is written in the form of comic strips is something I didn’t know I needed. Mira Jacob’s memoir is a conversation mostly between her son and her, where he asks questions on Racism-why people don’t like Trump and if his father who is white, scared of him because he is brown.
While we see a mother’s struggle to give her child all the right and honest answers, we also see why it’s so important for her to tell her child everything true and not wrap it up in something fancy.

Mira’s childhood has been full of instances where she was scorned for being brown. Even in India(her hometown), people had problems with her being ‘too dark’. This blatant racism has affected every phase of her life. We see conversations between friends, her family, and the world and those are some deep and emotional talks.
‘Good Talk’ brings out a lot of emotions, especially because most of these things are wrong. There’s no justification for these acts of violence and some people just have to live through it.

I am choosing not to rate this book because I don’t think it’s fair to rate a memoir. Especially because we need to give the author the choice to write her story in her own way. There is no question of inadequacy or expectations there.

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*Thank you Bloomsbury India for the copy. All opinions are my own*

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