Drop Dead Gorgeous by R. L. Stine|A pretty girl, a group of reckless teenagers and a dark mystery|

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Blurb (as on Goodreads):

Morgan Marks is the new girl—and nobody can stop talking about her. She’s popular, smart, and beautiful. Everyone wants to be her friend. But her past is veiled in mystery, and no one, not even her boyfriend Ben, knows where exactly she came from. But Shadyside Homecoming is just around the corner. And Morgan’s dark secrets are about to be dug up for all the world to see.

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I have had so much fun revisiting Stine’s writing through this book, and it might be somewhere along the lines of Middle Grade and YA, I would definitely recommend this light and not-so-breezy horror story. Well, it’s not exactly Annabelle scary, I am sure you’ll manage  😛

Morgan Marks is the new girl in town. WIth copper shaded hair and expressive green eyes, she has the attention of every girl in her new high school. As she makes new friends, she also leaves behind this mysterious feeling that will send shivers down your spine. But more than being dead, Morgan had another secret- one that should be kept hidden at all costs.


Also, if you think you know how the story ends, you are most probably wrong. The story might be along the lines of any classic horror story, that ending sure comes as a shocker.

The book reminded of bedtime stories and is written in a similar fashion. There are dramatic pauses, comic relief and a whole lot of screaming. A thoroughly entertaining and engrossing read.


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*Thank you HarperCollins In for the copy. All opinions are my own*

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