e-ARC Review: The Passengers by John Marrs|The darker side of AI

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Blurb (as on Goodreads):

Eight self-drive cars set on a collision course. Who lives, who dies? You decide.

The new gripping page-turning thriller from the bestselling author of THE ONE – soon to be a major Netflix series. 

When someone hacks into the systems of eight self-drive cars, their passengers are set on a fatal collision course.

The passengers are a TV star, a pregnant young woman, a disabled war hero, an abused wife fleeing her husband, an illegal immigrant, a husband and wife – and parents of two – who are traveling in separate vehicles and a suicidal man. Now the public has to judge who should survive but are the passengers all that they first seem?

‘It’s a real joy to read something totally original, smart and thought-provoking.’ Peter James

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Its been a few days since I finished this book, and I still haven’t wrapped my head around the chain of events. ‘The Passengers’ is an intense, fast-paced, bone-chilling, conflicting and an outstanding modern-day thriller that takes us through the darker, more dangerous side of innovation and how humans wouldn’t mind playing ‘God’ now and then.

8 passengers who are supposed to die in the next 2 hours, an enthusiastic audience, and a bunch of lawmakers/judges are what comprises this story. The use of tactics and logic has been brilliantly done, which makes this thriller gripping right from the start. What astonished me the most is the author’s ability to keep the audience engaged to one storyline, all the while plotting a marvelous twist to the tale.

‘The Passengers’ adds a question mark to one’s morals, sense of judgment under pressure, the basis of artificial intelligence and social media as a whole. Here is a book that has been well planned and executed, a thriller that is thrilling and horrendous at equal measures and a cast that defines the grey zone.



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*Thank you Netgalley and Ebury Books for the e-ARC. All opinions are my own*

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