Book Review: Killing Time in Delhi by Ravi Shankar Etteth|A closer look at the richer echelon of Delhi|

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Blurb (as on Goodreads):

Bon vivant Charlie Seth, a privileged denizen of Lutyens’ Delhi, leads a life of idle luxury fuelled by money, drugs, sex and parties. A cocaine overdose kills his ditzy girlfriend, thrusting him into a maelstrom of conspiracy, murder, blackmail and promiscuity. As the world of Crazy Rich Punjabis unravels, Charlie’s future is suddenly at the mercy of an enigmatic woman, an unscrupulous swami, a society-obsessed policeman, a slippery drug pusher and a disloyal valet. The only person who can help him is his missing aunt. Holed up in the country palace that his grandfather had won in a game of cards from a raja on Diwali, Charlie plots his revenge.

Killing Time in Delhi is a brutally funny look into the shenanigans of Delhi’s ultrarich who live in the fast lane and are high on hypocrisy, borrowed money and dubious deals.

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Reading about the rich and self-proclaimed famous people wasn’t my thing until I came across this one. ‘Killing Time in Delhi’ screams rich, pretentious and treacherous.

The death of his money sucking, drug addict girlfriend sends Charlie Seth in a frenzy. With family money falling into his lap, Charli knows what the world (more like a typical hi class Delhi Lutyens society) expects of him. But he is unaware of the lemons life is about to throw at him and he doesn’t have a great coping mechanism or a strategy.

Charlie’s life is monotonous, he belongs to a family of scandals, and is trying hard to understand the fools around him, who just want his money. But he is also sassy, adorably clueless and can make some serious accusations in plain sentences.

The rest of the characters are equally interesting. They are certainly unpredictable, mean, and greedy (everything in this book comes back to money).

The plot is pretty simple, and the writing makes up for it. I, personally liked the narration from Charlie’s POV, because it kept the mystery intact. It is a short and quick read and the author did manage to keep my attention (I have the attention span of a bee, Oops!) stuck to the pages.



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