Emma by Jane Austen|A complex society, a clueless protagonist and an unexpected proposal|

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Emma Woodhouse, clever and rich, with a comfortable home and happy disposition, thinks a little too highly of herself and entertains herself by meddling in the affairs of others. She is blind to her own feelings and dangerously insensitive to the feeling of others. The results are not always to her liking. Though outwardly the storyline of Emma appears to be dealing with the subject of young ladies finding suitable husbands, a close reading of the novel would show that it is much more than that. Within the chosen limits of upper-middle-class society and within even more limited strict feminine point of view for telling the story, Jane Austen is fervently preoccupied with the way the people behave and this is the broad area of the moralist.

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Emma Woodhouse, a single woman (with no intention of marrying) has elite hobbies, just like her position in society. Her primary interest lies in matchmaking. She is proud of her observation skills and is boasts about how it was her whose small actions always bring the perfect couples together. She is also an opinionated individual, and most of the times, hold only her opinion in the highest regard. But Mr. Knightley will have none of it. He openly challenged Emma’s opinions and ideas and disagrees quite openly to most of her whims.

We also meet some very interesting characters throughout Emma’s not so accurate matchmaking saga. Harriet- Jane’s close friend and a woman Emma is determined to empower and help find a place in the society she truly belongs to. Frank Churchill, Mr. Weston, Mr. Elton etc. – the men who are quite different both in nature and in finding the woman they want to share their life with. Other than these we are also greeted by characters who are annoying and extremely irritating (such as Mrs. Bates).

Emma is a different kind of a love story, a story that is built out of indifference towards the person preset right in front of her eyes. I missed the sexual tension between Emma and her Mr. right and the drama and emotions that Jane Austen is capable of creating. The ending felt abrupt too (well, I might have missed a few details, but I am certain that the story should have reached its finale gradually rather than the out-of-the-blue confessions we get to see).

Jane Austen has created an amazing book with unique characters who have morals that are debatable and a tone that is bland and straightforward.

As an Austen fan, this is one of my lesser liked books by her, but that won’t stop me from re-reading this classic and figuring out if I were the naive one.



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