Ganga: The Constant Goddess by Anuja Chandramouli

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Believed to be the liquid manifestation of Shakti and the nurturer of the three worlds with her life-sustaining waters, Goddess Ganga is the epitome of beauty and purity, famous for her indomitable spirit and boundless charm. Renowned as a devoted daughter, a caring mother, a passionate lover, and a merciful savior, she is here to absorb and absolve us of our sins. A constant goddess, she is part of the Indian ethos, revered, and loved across the ages.
The exquisite epic that is Ganga’s story, from her miraculous origins, her sojourn in the heavens, her poignant relationships with the divine trinity, the birth of her sons—Bhishma and Kartikeya, and her descent into a wicked world that is not worthy of her, is dazzlingly told by Anuja Chandramouli. Without this Goddess, life, as we know it will be over, for her righteous retribution, will be terrifying.
This book is a vibrant retelling of the story of Ganga, who has the power to save us all and bestow the precious gift of moksha, embracing saints and sinners alike with her all-encompassing compassion.

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Anuja Chandramouli has written multiple books on Indian Mythology. And each book is an elaborate reimagining of the lesser known, but very important Gods from the Hindu Mythology.

Ganga, the Goddess is worshiped because she is believed to relieve men of all their bad deeds. People believe that bathing in the Ganges river causes the remission of sins and helps one to attain Moksha. The Ganges river has been believed to originate from the tresses of Lord Shiva’s hair and has descended on Earth straight from Kailash.

In this story, the author imagines Ganga to be the daughter of King Himavat and Mena. She also has a younger sibling, Parvati who as per popular belief is Shiva’s constant consort and better half.

Ganga is mischievous and doesn’t like being treated like a Goddess. But she is caring and nurturing, but mostly ever forgiving. This story has been written around the popular myths and legends associated with the Goddess. The events show us the resilient side of the Goddess, and well as the side where she sustains Bhoomi Devi and helps her be treated in all fairness.

Ganga has been reimagined with grace and I finally have a story I would like to believe (however fictional), regarding this Goddess who is taken for granted by humankind and Gods alike. The author has a great style of writing and storytelling, and it is quite gripping. Certain paragraphs did feel repetitive, but I have seen this is most of the author’s work (saying the same thing in multiple ways). The prologue is a bit difficult to get into, but the rest of the book just flows through.

Quite extraordinarily reimagined, Ganga: The Constant Goddess should be read by all Mythology lovers.



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