Lucknow Diaries: Of Love and Longing by Partha Sarthi Sen Sharma

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Blurb (as on Goodreads):

Dinesh, Feroze, and Rahul grow up together, playing cricket and cycling in the laidback ‘ganjs’ of Lucknow—their lives comfortably intertwined with the life of the city they live in. The author vividly portrays their everyday life and adventures, deftly sketching the parallel courses their lives move on as they grow into youth.
What happens when love crosses their path and they come face to face with life’s harsh realities? Will journalistic ethics be compromised at the altar of commerce and politics? Can the rosy dreams of IAS probationers surmount the rock of reality? Will politics of idealism survive that of intrigue and deceit? And above all, will love bridge the chasm of space, time and circumstance? Find out in this story of friendship, love and ambition.

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The story of Rahul, Dinesh, and Feroze- three childhood besties who once spent each day together, a life full of mischief and laughter. But fate intervenes and sends them off to different paths. Dinesh is forced to enter the vicious world of politics, Feroze struggles with his dual life as a journalist and as a student and Rahul aspired to become an IAS officer.

While they are busy making a future for themselves, they also meet the love of their lives. Each love story is a twist on its own. But their paths are set to converge once again, and how.

The story starts beautifully. With the breathtaking description of Lucknow, its ‘ganjs’ and landscape, the author wins our heart. This is followed by a distinct and interesting character sketch of everyone involved. The story reaches a high at about 3/4th of the book and then falls flat. While the description on life in Lucknow is exemplary, the author fails to create a thrilling, and substantial climax.

Most of the plot is gripping and I loved how the characters were kept simple and very real. The life of a journalist, an IAS officer, and a naive politician has been portrayed with grace and maturity. The author has also incorporated a lot of laws like ‘enemy property act’ etc. to give a distinct shape to the lives of the characters. Except the ending, this story of Lucknow and everything it stands for is a hit for me.



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