November Wrap-up|An Overwhelming Month|

Hello Fam!

Here’s a kickass reading month. I managed to read so many books this month, especially because of a surgery I had earlier this month and had to stay in bed for about a week. I also traveled quite a lot this month. All the events led me to devour books back to back.

Also, I am so excited about Christmas that I sat up all night just to give my blog a Christmas-y feeling. Do you like it?

Now, let’s jump right into all the gorgeous book I read this month. You know the drill (Click on the name of the book to read my review)

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My favorite part!! Here are the books that touched my heart this month.

  • Dark Circles by Udayan Mukherjee: Dark Circles revolves around a secret that leaves a scar so deep, it becomes practically Impossible to carry the burden of life.
    It also speaks volumes about each individuals way of dealing with grief and guilt and how people would go to any lengths to feel a little less burdened and hurt.
    Ronojoy and Sujoy, two brothers who have been with each other through difficult times suddenly face a crisis, that threatens to uproot their well being and peace of mind. Both the brothers try different ways to cope up and fill the void through stupid ways but that’s when it strikes- who are we to judge.
    Through ‘Dark Circles’, Udayan Mukherjee poses some questions and helps us form answers through the characters. The theme might be recurring, but the author’s way of exploring it in a rather straightforward way leaves me sad and I most certainly, ended the book with a deep sigh!!!
  • We Sold Our Souls by Grady Hendrix: We Sold Our Souls is about survival, friendship, and one woman’s quest to know the truth about her life’s biggest and ultimate betrayal. I liked the concept of selling souls for fame and an entire album based around the same. The problems and the solutions- all revolving around these songs that guide the plot very maturely.
    The thrill is certainly well written and I was more than anxious for the climax knowing that a concept like this would never have a regular ending.
  • An American Marriage by Tayari Jones: “An American Marriage” is a casual take on relationships and marriage, how happiness can be short-lived and loneliness can turn you into a different person. The lines between right and wrong get burred most of the times because human beings are impulsive, and driven by emotions and everyday situation.
  • Latitudes of Longing by Subhangini Swarup: The writing is the highlight of the book. Most of the times its engaging and gives us things to think about and reflect. The author raises the bar very high with her first story that takes places in the Andaman Islands. The writing, plot, and characters are brilliant, the events are catchy and the journey feels painful yet bearable. The ending is certainly fabulous, giving the book the closure it deserves.

    ‘Latitudes of Longing’ is an almost poetic/lyrical tribute to lives that are dedicated to their motherland, lives that are intricately woven to the very soul of the land they live in and lives that are mere puppets of fate.

  • The Peculiar Peggs of Riddling Woods by Samuel J. Halpin: A children’s book that I enjoyed so very much. This book is thrilling, dark and magical. The characters deserve all the love and attention because they are so sweet and adventurous, selfless and motivated. The book has all its elements in the perfect combination and the writing is so smooth and fluid. I felt like I was transported to the Suds, and I was thoroughly enjoying this dark and twisted tale of good and evil.




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