October Wrap-up |A good reading month|

Hey guys,

I skipped September wrap-up because I was not is a good place at that time, but here is my October wrap-up. I had a good reading month, in spite of all the festivities and guests. Let’s have a look:

owl-read-book-black-and-white-clipart - Copy.jpeg

A few books definitely satiated my need-for-kickass-books and I will be recommending these to every soul I meet.

  • Jasmine Days by Benyamin: ‘Jasmine Days’ is the story of Sameera Parveen- a headstrong dreamer, who comes to an unnamed city in search for a job. A thought-provoking take on revolutionary ideas and how it affects hundreds of millions of people.
  • The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman: A boy raised in a Graveyard is certainly not the only highlight of the book. Full of mysterious, supernatural creatures, The Graveyard Book talks about the perils of growing up, no matter what the circumstances be.
  • Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik: Spinning Silver is a fantasy that feels so real. Miriyam, Wanda and Irina have their differences, both in terms of fate and social position. But what’s common is that these three women are strong, independent and responsible. And together they are set out to protect the people they love so dearly, fighting one evil to another.
  • Secrets by Aleatha Romig: ‘Secrets’ sucked me in right from the start. The characters are brilliant- with a hint of unpredictability, the plot is mysterious and a hell of a lot sexier and spicy. The writing is pretty flawless, the mystery is maintained and the sexual episodes are exploited in just the right amount.



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