The Mogul by Vish Dhamija|Indian Courtroom Drama at its best|

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Blurb (as on Goodreads):

Prem Bedi is the ‘Mogul’ – the third richest man in the country. He commands both fear and respect, and at fifty-three, he still looks handsome and aristocratic. But Bedi’s smoothly run empire comes to a screeching halt when he’s accused of killing his ex-wife and her husband, and dragged into a court battle. The ever-present spotlight on him grows brighter and harsher, and the questions grow louder – ‘Did he do it?’ A story unfolding through several different perspectives, The Mogul is howdunnit set in the fractured world of power, money and crime.

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The Mogul is about a business magnate, caught in a messy murder trial of his ex-wife and her husband. The plot is classic, and so are the character


  • The characters are diverse, each layered in their own way. The characterization has helped the plot grow. This can be attributed to a very fluid and clear writing that that author has shown in almost all his books.
  • The plot is unpredictable at its best unless you suspect the right person by mistake. The plot has a good dose of suspense right from the start and it only grows better.
  • The information regarding the trail etc. has been used at the right intervals, making it a suspenseful and very, very nail-biting.
  • The author has kept the courtroom drama as real as possible and also hasn’t compromised with the other stories running parallelly.


  • I wanted a more challenging trail, especially from the prosecutor’s side.

I particularly loved the characterization of the protagonist, Prem Bedi. He is one of those mysterious personalities who give nothing away, hence supporting the plot in a very unique way. The ending was certainly unexpected and I might have guessed it a bit but I didn’t expect the author to deliver that fatal blow.

Overall, I will definitely recommend this book and another book by the same author called ‘Unlawful Justice’. Both these books are equally entertaining- a perfect book for the easy-going thriller lovers.



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