Tides Don’t Cross by Simar Malhotra|Book Review|

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Blurb (as on Goodreads):

Sparks fly immediately when Rukmani—fierce and assertive in the best and worst possible ways—meets the gentle Ayaan in the magical city Paris. Meanwhile, back in India, her reticent sister, Mrinalini struggles to cope with the void of a loveless marriage and an early pregnancy.

Tides Don’t Cross follows these extremely interesting characters as their lives cross in surprising ways. Mrinalini, Ayaan and Rukmani wade through choppy tides, unaware of their common destiny. Deeply touching, this is an unforgettable story of thwarted desires, of love and its loss, of losing and finding oneself, and of falling and learning to rise.

Young and talented author Simar Malhotra has created yet another piercing and riveting read.

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Tides Don’t Cross is about two sisters. Mrinalini- meek, gentle and very caring, and Rukmini- fierce, independent and headstrong. Raised by a single mother under a very strict environment has shaped one into a gentle soul and the other into a rebel.

The plot is divided into three sections- each section about the life of each sister and one particular guy called Ayaan Khan. While the first two stories are independent, the third one is where paths cross and fate unravels.

Simar Malhotra has dedicated her time in giving us the perfect characters. Each character has been written down with perfection, with their flaws and mistakes intact. The plot is a bit slow, but that will help the readers understand the characters and their ways very well.

The book also explores emotions in a relationship. This relationship could be anything- friendship, marriage, mother-daughter or siblings. Each relationship has their set of troubles and happy times. The author gives equal importance to fate, especially the complex relationship among Mrinalini, Rukmini and Ayaan.

What I missed is details about places (ex. Paris) and surroundings, which was significantly lacking. The plot gives you things to love and things to hate and maybe that’s why it ends up being so good in spite of the slow pace. I found myself invested in the story and the characters, which is extremely important to me as a reader.

A light yet eccentric concoction, “Tides don’t cross” is definitely recommended.



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