New Release Alert| Don’t tell the Governor by Ravi Subramanian

In November HarperCollins India will be publishing Don’t Tell The Governor by Ravi Subramanian.

This is a financial thriller set against the backdrop of demonetization in India.


Harper_Post_584 (1).gif

About the Book

When the prime minister declares demonetization at 8 p.m. on 8 November 2016, it leaves the nation stunned. But the governor, RBI, who should have ideally been party to the decision, is at a crossroads. He has just carried out the most brazen act of his life – yet, it looks like it might also have been his most foolish. Will he be able to pull himself out of the mess he has got into or will he be condemned for life? Will he manage to retain his autonomy or meekly surrender to the forces behind the massive scam? Or is he going to be the victim of a very sinister plot? Running desperately out of time, the governor has one week to set things right.


Find out in Ravi Subramanian‘s latest #DontTellTheGovernor. Pre-order now at:


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