The Twitches meet a Puppy by Hayley Scott|Children’s Book|

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Open up the Teacup House – and meet four little rabbit heroes with big ideas! Watch out, Twitches – Stevie’s got a furry visitor. The teacup house is turned upside down when a bouncy puppy comes to stay! Silver and Mama Bo hide in the garden, and meet a creature who needs their help. Now it’s Twitches to the rescue…

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This is my first meeting with the Twitches (there are some 20 or so books), and I loved this tiny adventure so much. The Twitches are a family of 7, 4 of which are rabbits, really cute ones.

This story is about the time when the Twitches meet a cute puppy, and the puppy, very innocently, wrecks havoc in the tea house where the bunnies live. The Twitches have a very adventurous family and they believe in doing the right and forgiveness.

The story is also supported by beautiful illustrations which help us navigate smoothly throughout the plot. The Twitches Meet a Puppy is a wonderful story that can be read to your kids before they sleep. The lessons learned through the story is beautiful and the illustrations help to imagine their beautiful world.



Purchase Links:                                  |Usborne Books|



**Huge thanks to Usborne books for the copy. All opinions are my own**

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