The Shining Tiger by Moshank Relia

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Raja and Baja set off on a dangerous journey to find the famous shining tiger. Days go by, and there’s no sign of it – in fact, nobody in the villages they visit is even sure it exists! But deep in the hearts of two daring boys is the conviction that the shining tiger is somewhere in the mountains – and it’s up to them to find it!

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Moshank Relia weaves great stories for kids. I had a chance to read ‘Adventures in Farland’ last year and this year, he is back with the tale of ‘The Shining Tiger’

The Shining Tiger, as a creature, is a mystery, It has been a part of the stories told by the villagers for ages, and is said to protect them from anything evil or harmful.

‘The Shining Tiger’. is also the journey of two orphan boys, Raja and Baja, in search of stories and a better world.

The plot is extremely adventurous and has themes like friendship, bravery, and survival. The illustrations, as usual, support the plot, helping the kids to imagine this world and visit it whenever they want to.


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