Writing is Fun by Jeanne Perrett|A Writing Activity Book|



Master the art of writing a diary, letter, advertisement, script, novel-just about anything with this fun activity book, featuring handy tips and expert advice to make you a pro. Explore the power of the written word, get equipped with the basic tools that’ll help you sharpen your craft and wield the pen like never before!

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Writing is Fun is a writing activity book, that is filled with fun stuff that will push you forward as a writer.

The book contains multiple exercises that make you assume a genre or a job such as an editor. This is followed by a basic explanation of your job and examples. What starts next is an exercise that will sharpen your skills and help you build characters, write stories and even correct them yourself.

The book covers a range of genres such as comic strips, ghost stores, sci-fi, detective stories etc. The illustrations are beautiful and will guide you throughout. The book encourages you to channel your inner creative self in a correct way and in full of fun activities and games.

I am thoroughly enjoying this book and the best way- this is fit for people of all ages. Let the adventure begin and you might become a published author someday.


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**Huge thanks to Penguin India and Puffin Books for the copy. All opinions are my own.**

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