The Island of the Day Before by Zuni Chopra has stories that will take you places|Book Review|

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With The Island of the Day Before, Zuni Chopra takes the readers on an extraordinary and consistently unpredictable voyage. Boldly experimental in terms of themes and forms, these whimsical tales – prose, poetry, flash fiction – of the everyday and the extraordinary, the fantastical and the mundane, will keep haunting you long after you have read them. This is a work of exceptional imagination from a young, prodigious talent – a rising star in the literary firmament.

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When I started this book, I didn’t expect such intricate, observation centered writing. Zuni Chopra is 17 and she has written this series of stories and poetry with the precision of a mature writer.

The Island of the Day Before has stories across multiple genres. Some are mysterious, a few have fantasy elements, while there is also a few philosophical ponderings mentioned here and there.

A lot of emphasis has been given to the writing. The stories, however, felt a little weak at times. What I loved are the themes the author has chosen for each of these stories. Some are imaginary, whereas some are taken from our day to day life. The author has made it clear that there is a thin line between reality and imagination sometimes, especially in one’s head, and one in a while the lines become a blur, dragging you to the other side.

Overall, this collection is an interesting work that will pull you towards itself.



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**Huge thanks to HarperCollins for the copy. All opinions are my own**

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