Genie Magic+ Adventure= Me Grabbing some Popcorn|Eddy Stone and The Evil Genie’s Curse|

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Blurb (as on Goodreads):

When Eddy Stone accidentally releases a wizard from a cursed lamp, his town’s wishes start coming true and his world is turned upside down. Tumbling into a land of genies, mad emperors and dancing camels, can Eddy put a stop to this wayward wishing?

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Another Eddy Stone adventure (It’s a series of books around the same protagonist), that takes you to the land where the Emperor is a crack-pot and his genie does all the making-citizens-happy business.

The story starts with Eddy accidentally releases a cursed wizard from an antique flower vase and the wishes of all the people in Tidemark Bay starts coming true. But it also brings chaos and Eddy is determined to sort it all out.

Along with his friend, Hen and multiple other extremely amusing characters Eddy embarks on a journey to the land of the Genie who cursed the wizard. But the whole process is full of dangerous games and paths and Eddy and Hen prove themselves to be quite smart.

The writing is smart, not very childish and the illustrations form a strong backbone. The characters range from smart, talented people to utterly foolish individuals, each contributing significantly to the plot.

Overall, the adventure was really great, with imaginary creatures and lands, and the anticipation to know what happens next stayed till the end. Thoroughly enjoyed the book.



**A huge thanks to Usborne Books for proving me a copy. All opinions are my own**



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