The Travelling Cat Chronicles|Let a cat make you cry|

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Blurb (as on Goodreads):

Nana, a cat, is devoted to Satoru, his owner. So when Satoru decides to go on a roadtrip one day to find him a new home, Nana is perplexed. They visit Satoru’s old friends from his school days and early youth. His friends may have untidy emotional lives but they are all animal lovers, and they also wonder why Satoru is trying to give his beloved cat away. Until the day Nana suddenly understands a long-held secret about his much-loved owner, and his heart begins to break. Narrated in turns by Nana and by his owner, this funny, uplifting, heartrending story of a cat is nothing if not profoundly human.

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Satoru adopts a street cat and names him Nana (The Japanese word for the letter seven). But that isn’t his first cat. Satoru has once, as a kid adopted another cat called Hachi and had lost him because of a terrible accident. But when he finds Nana, hurt from an attack, he takes him in and treats him like his own. His love for Nana is beyond measures and so is Nana’s.

Most of the story has been narrated by Nana, and hence we get a glimpse of what goes on inside an egoistic, proud and super smart cat’s head. Nana’s way of perceiving the world humans adds a funny element to the plot and is dangerously realistic.

“As I explained earlier, most animals are multilingual when it comes to listening, but reading is beyond us. Reading and writing seem to belong to a special linguistic system that only humans possess.”

The story progress as Satoru decides to put Nana for adoption. He visits old friends and that’s how we get to know Satoru’s side of the story. Satoru, as a character is extremely simple. His love for Nana is immense, he always tries to look at the brighter side of things and see the best in people.


As Satoru and Nana embark on a journey to find a new home for Nana, Nana gets an opportunity to enjoy the Japanese landscape. He visits the seas (and dreams about all the delicious fishes he could feast on) and climbs mountains. He also visits the countryside and sees animals such as Horses and Deer, (animals he had only seen in the TV at Satoru’s). He learns about colors from Satoru and remembers every tiny detail.

“My story will be over soon. But it’s not something to be sad about. Remembering those who went ahead. Remembering those who will follow after. And someday, we will meet all those people again, out beyond the horizon”

While the author makes us fall in love with the characters and helps us take the journey with them in our fancy little minds, she also makes it emotionally challenging. The end definitely gave me the feels, it would to any other person because it was so easy to get attached to the characters and love them.

The Travelling Cat chronicles is an emotional roller-coaster that sucks you right in.


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