Bookstagram Themes|How important are they?|#2

(This post is strictly related to Bookstagram.)

The craze for having a themed Bookstagram profile has become fairly common. While people are pushing themselves beyond their limits to maintain a theme, a few of them are using smarter alternatives to grow and flourish.

Themes usually depend on your purpose. If you want to showcase your photography/organization skills and/or are very creative (using software or otherwise), it is a great boost to your Instagram profile.

On the other hand, if you just wanna talk about books (or whatever you like), it is always better to have a consistency rather than a theme. Pretty themes are the easiest way of growing your Bookstagram profile, there is a very fine line between maintaining a theme and maintaining consistency.

Advantages of having a theme:

  • Brings out your creative side
  • Helps you showcase your talent
  • Growth and popularity, along with a set of dedicated fan following.

Disadvantages of having a theme:

  • Limiting: An elaborate theme would limit your use of books/props and restrict you to have a conversation only about the features set of books. You will not be able to feature book you are currently reading/ want to read because the colors clash with your theme.
  • Time-consuming: Taking similar type of pictures in time-consuming and tiring, especially when you are home after a long day at work. The best way to grow on Bookstagram is to post regularly, which might not be the case if you are forcing yourself.
  • Creative block: Wrecking your brains to find something to post every day can lead to a creative block.

Why consistency?

Posting similar type of photos will come under consistency. Choosing a common background can help you feature every book you want and not stress over props or other factors. You can take pictures on the go and talk about all those books that you love/hate.

Screenshot (254)
Source: @fortheloveoffictionalworlds

This feed is all about maintaining similar kind of photos so that it looks good to the eye and doesn’t put the user under too much stress (perfect for the busy souls).

Screenshot (255)
Source: @frenchflaps_and_deckleedges

I am not against setting up elaborate themes, If you think you can handle it, please go ahead. This post has been written keeping in mind the few people who are passionate about books as much as we all are, but can’t grow much. Instagram is a visual platform and people notice whatever you present. A caption will only draw attention if your picture looks appealing and its always better to be underseasoned rather than overseasoned.

This post has been written from a personal experience and I have included pictures from my latest dark theme, which according to me, definitely restricted me to present my thoughts on some super amazing books I read, but wasn’t able to write a post about.

Screenshot (256).png




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