Reading Slumps| How to deal with these monsters|

Reading slums are bad, no matter how short-lived. Especially for bloggers like me, who hoard review copies and work on a deadline 😛

Slumps can be categorized into short, temporary ones and long, tedious and super annoying ones. I sometimes feel cursed, whenever I land in a slump and that frustrates me even more. Slumps can be tricky and should be handled with precision.

Here’s how you can deal with slumps:


These are relatively easier to handle and go away in a few days.

  • Read an all-time-favorite book: Re-reading your favorite book might bring you back from a slump.
  • Try reading short stories: These are considered the best remedy for slumps. Short stories or novellas keep you engaged but doesn’t require investing too much energy into the plot.
  • Listen to audiobooks: Listening to audio books while walking or taking rest is an alternative to reading. They will help you tackle your TBR and not let your brain traumatize itself.
  • Read at least one page a day. This will help you know whether you continue to be in a slump or not.


These can be for days, weeks or months and is more frustrating than you can imagine. I usually have slumps like these and they mess up my reading schedule.

  • Take a break. Stop reading altogether and do other things that make you happy. You can learn something new, or sit in front of your TV with a huge tub of popcorn. No judgments.
  • You can also take this time to organize your TBR and find the reason for the slump. Slumps just don’t happen and they are completely different from a book hangover.


Slumps are a great part of all our lives and there is no way of actually avoiding them. They have the worst timing though! A few tricks to keep slump at bay:

  • The best way to not let slumps affect you is to read diverse genres. You can read multiple books at a time or a single book, but make sure there isn’t a pattern.
  • Choose your books wisely. If a book is not doing well, try picking a book you are sure to love, or a book that belongs to your favorite author- the one who’ll never fail you. You can then continue with your boring, monotonous book.
  • Don’t read like a maniac. Don’t read for long hours, especially when you are not comfortable. Forcing yourself to read more will most likely push you deep into the slump. Make a schedule and keep a healthy mix of other hobbies and reading.



Let go sometimes. Take a chill and give your brain a little rest. Reading makes us all happy, but sometimes it can be monotonous and hence, less enjoyable. We all love reading but healthy reading will help us grow and be better. Slumps happen to all of us but a positive approach towards it is extremely essential.

15 thoughts on “Reading Slumps| How to deal with these monsters|

  1. I’ve only been in a reading slump for once in my lifetime but god it went as long as months and I didn’t even know it was a slump! I felt so good when I came back!

    Thanks for all the tricks and tips. Lovely post! ❤❤❤

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  2. For a person who gets too busy for some days, and not able to read. I go in reading slump due to that. Because I can see my TBR pile growing, and review copies keep coming in, I am not sure where to start.
    Even though the above doesn’t suit recovering from my kind of reading slump, but these pointers are helpful.

    Nicely put Mridula

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  3. I like how you also gave tips to avoid getitng into reading slumps in the first place 😀 Re-reading old favourites usually works for me to help me get back on the reading track if they ever do get to me. I also like reading either poetry or short stories like you recommended, to have something shorter but still as effective.

    My recent post:

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