Crooked Kingdom: A bit too crooked for my taste?


I reviewed Six of Crows a few days back and the hangover was real. I wasted no time in reading “Crooked Kingdom” because I HAD to know how Kaz rescues Inej, and how he takes his money, his precious little (little??) box of money.

“Crooked Kingdom” is another adventure (or, the continuation of a BIGGGGGGGGGGG super cool, and rather, glorifying theft adventure) but consisting of a series of smaller heists, equally risky and unpredictable. But you know that thing called the aftertaste? Crooked Kingdom didn’t leave a good one for me. Here’s why:

  • Leigh Bardugo created some very interesting and complicated, multi-layered characters but failed to do justice to them. I think a few characters were left unexplained, especially Wylan and Jesper. Kaz might be smart, but he is nothing without his crew. The author focused on the bigger picture, rather than exploring the characters and their complex behavior, life story, and relationships. This definitely left me disappointed.
  • Pekka Rollins has been portrayed as a super-villain but his appearances and destiny was rather subtle and overclouded by other powerful characters.
  • Kaz and Inej- I was looking for something more comforting between them, especially Kaz giving a chance to Inej to get her own revenge. These points were hastily wrapped up, to give space to the overall objective.


But there’s so much I loved about this book too:

  • Planning and Execution were done perfectly with a great mix of suspense, thrill, and failure.
  • The writing style and the dialogues complemented the plot, hence making it more intriguing.
  • The characters are flawed and make mistakes, making it easier to follow and relate. Sheer hard work and determination make them stronger and better.


Six of Crows was definitely better than its sequel for me. It was a mix of OMG! and Sigh! and I had a wonderful time reading it and later, reminiscing about this series.


3 thoughts on “Crooked Kingdom: A bit too crooked for my taste?

  1. Ah, it seems like you kind of wanted the focus to shift a little bit more from the plot to the characters and their complications. And the ending was a bit too conveniently tidied up for your liking. But I am glad there were things you could enjoy about this one! Maybe the first was better but you still have the Grisha trilogy to go 😉

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