Book Review: The Story of a Long Distance Marriage by Siddhesh Inamdar

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Blurb (as on Goodreads):

Rohan and Ira’s life takes an unexpected turn when Ira decides to leave for New York to study. They’ve been married for only fifteen months, but this is the opportunity of a lifetime, and Rohan is not going to come between his wife and her dream. So, sad but supportive, he stays back in Delhi, where he is on the brink of a promotion at a national daily. After all, his relationship with Ira is strong enough to survive the distance. Rohan prepares for a year without Ira, getting by with a little help from his friends: Yusuf, his on-call confidant who lives in Bangalore; Alisha, a colleague he likes catching up with over tea; and Tanuj, his new role model at work. Life without Ira is going surprisingly well. Until the day, that is, she reveals the real reason she left.Untitled - Copy

Rohan and Ira, two people who have been in love with each other since forever face an extremely unfortunate situation. Ira is leaving for NYC to pursue her passion, but there are unsaid words and unknown reasons. As Rohan tries to fit into a life without Ira, he realizes that they are so far apart, not just because of distance. And maybe, just maybe, it’s Rohan’s fault.

This is a very short and crisp book and I felt like the author wanted to voice his opinion on marriage and used Rohan and Ira to do it. They are two different people, and their lookout for life can be compared to opposite poles. But they love each other. Love, the last thread in their relationship, holding them together.

The strong point of this book is the fact that it isn’t your traditional love story. The author keeps Ira alive on Rohan’s mind because of who she is and what decisions she made to make their life better. There’s is no sexual or romantic phase in the plot whatsoever, but love, so pure and powerful, is evident.

The Story of a Long Distance Marriage is a bittersweet love story, that promises to take you into the world of everyday marriages, far from the fairy tale and into the reality of what marriage is like, up close. This book has impressed me with its measured storytelling and simple writing.


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