Conclusions I draw from the ACOTAR series|No Offense|

Disclaimer: This is just for fun. Don’t kill me over this. I don’t intend to hurt any ACOTAR lovers.

ACOTAR didn’t work for me. AT ALL! I just don’t get the reason why it’s such a famous book and why people could kill for it. Here’s what I conclude after reading ACOTAR:

  • Feyre has powers but she won’t use it. She is basically Killer Frost (from The Flash, if you know what I mean). She had mood swings, even when she is in the middle of saving the world. A protagonist with deadly powers, and a good heart, amidst an attack, clueless because she refused to learn how to use her powers.
  • At one point I actually decided to count the number of time the word ‘Mate’ appears in the series (and gave up, because illiterate me, can’t count that far)
  • ACOTAR was a decent love story, but then the story suddenly decided to sound like Fifty Shades of Grey, but with a lot of men with wings more sensitive than their private parts.
  • I don’t understand why isn’t Rhysand the protagonist. He does all the work, including giving Feyre a bath.
  • Everyone in the story is mean, evil and a lying SOB, except the inner circle.
  • This obsession for converting every living soul into a High Fae, with weird, sometimes disturbing powers is downright freaky.
  • Another word that dominated ACOWAR- ‘talons’ because nobody can ‘mind’ their own business. Poking around other people’s head.  I told you, Rhysand is the center of all the power.
  • There’s not a single character in that book who hasn’t reached where they are without a bunch of sacrifices, most important being abandoned by their family. Everyone wants a rebellion. Dude, relax. Feyre and Rhysand are having sex, let them finish, you can wait for a few more zillion years right?

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Off I go 🙂


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