in60Learning: An innovative approach towards learning.

This is not something I usually do, but today I need to talk about the amazing people at in60Learning. These souls have developed mini books, whose aim is to give you a detailed information about the particular topic within an hour. Consider it as a quick revision session, but in-depth and precise.

I have read two books by them. Hatshepsut and Alexander, The Great.

Hatshepsut, the great pharaoh queen was beautiful as well as smart. She created an empire that the Egyptians will remember forever. Though her own niece tried to taint her name and undo her work, she is still remembered as one of the greatest queens. This book was about 40 pages long and told me everything I needed to know about the queen and her reign. The past, present and future of her reign with the precise years as well as characters. The rise to such a position of power wasn’t easy as the society was always a male dominating one. It was quite an interesting read.

Alexander, the Great is presented similarly and talks about his rise to power and his great invasions. The books have been written in a storytelling manner, making it extremely interesting as well as informative. Most are biographical posts and they cover a wide range of powerful figures.

You can browse their titles here @in60Learning

Here is a link to the learning list. You can register here to receive updates on future releases, or to contribute to their work, I would definitely recommend it to my readers as it is a very innovative approach and will come in handy to students, especially history majors.

2 thoughts on “in60Learning: An innovative approach towards learning.

  1. I have heard about these collections quite a lot lately, and everyone says they are really good quick informative reads. I don’t read non-fiction often, but it is kind of genius that they have decided to make this.

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