Book Review: Sir Blunder: A Bedtime Story for Big People by Walter Kerr

Sir Blunder: A Bedtime Story for Big People

Author: Walter Kerr

Publisher: Exoplanet Press

Genre: Fantasy


Blurb (as on Goodreads):

In this witty fairy tale told in a wry, grandfatherly voice, a village waif, unwanted and alone, grows up to become the greatest knight of the era. With the help of the clever and strong-willed Princess Otello, the steadfast Sir One-Eye, and the rascally trickster Pee-Pee the Peeper, Sir Blunder sets out to slay the dragon who lurks in the woods.

Originally told as a fairy tale for his young children, Walter Kerr transformed it over the course of 20 years into a witty and profound novel for young adults about securing the good in a cruel world.

With a large cast of supporting characters, including Johnny Ne’er-Do-Well, Father Opportunity, Speedy Lightfingers, King Four-Four, and King Smart, this surprising and at times hilarious novel highlights the challenges of remaining true to yourself – always a good idea unless what you truly are, needs to be changed.Untitled - Copy

Have you ever come across a book where the pretty princess herself has turned into a witch? Or the ways to reverse a curse isn’t just a stupid kiss from some super-perfect guy? Me neither.

Sir Blunder is about a princess who is being loved by a wicked wizard. But the princess loves someone else and so the wizard turned her into an ugly witch. Little did the wizard know that the princess had a fairy godmother watching over her. So godmother turns the wizard into a dragon, so no more ‘happily ever after’.

This book has so many characters, sometimes it’s exhausting to remember them. But you don’t need to remember the characters in order to have fun. The author has got that covered. This is a plot that is full of twists and turns, events that you didn’t think were possible in a fairy tale. Treachery, bravery and most importantly, stupidity.

The book get’s its name from a kid named Blunder. Anything he does is one big mess. But his journey to Sir Blunder has been extremely eventful. As the story progresses, we get to know more about popular believes that people in the story have and how they deal with it.

One reason I would suggest you this books is that it’s witty and not-obvious. There are so many interesting stories within the master story, and it’s adventurous. There’s no instance where you would find boredom or monotone.



Fairy tales with a twist- such a difficult yet brilliant theme. What say?


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