Author Interview- Bragadeesh Prasanna



Today I bring to you another Indie writer, who recently published his second book ‘Waterboarding’, a romance with a pretty scary twist. I had the opportunity to read the book and my review can be found here 🙂 Meet Mr. Bragadeesh Prasanna.

I had the pleasure of asking a few question to this amazing soul and a wonderful author. Here’s what he has to say:

  1. The plot is basically a love triangle with a twist. What was your inspiration?

I was discussing Ship of Theseus paradox with a friend last year. It was about dismantling a ship and building it again with the same material. We were thinking aloud if the ship is the same thing or would it be a different one. We were throwing around ideas and real-life examples when this thought came to my mind. What if a man loses his memory and gets it back from others. Will he still be him? To increase the stakes, I introduced two female characters. One woman character was used to show who he was before the memory loss and one to build his new memories. Love came in the way because it is a strong motivation for the characters.

  1. The Characters in your book are complex people, where they always supposed to be like that? Did you ever think of an alternate persona for them?

They are complex people, like average people. If we look hard enough, we can find complexities in every other person. Since the novel takes a first-person narration, the readers get as close to the psyche of characters. There are hints of the alternate personas for each character like Ved being loved and how caring he is, Sara being possessive and Maya being meek and submitting. The whole novel is about how people think and treat themselves while wearing a mask for the world.

  1. Authors tend to love the characters they create. What do you think happens to Ved after he takes that (extremely risky) surgery?

The final surgery about Ved is a symbolism. He may or may not survive that. But if he does, he will be a different man than he was throughout the novel. Maybe he will become more trusting; maybe he will be less selfish. The surgery is just a course correction in a way to speak. If we take it literally, I would like Ved to survive and sort his issues out.

  1. How long did you take to finish this novel?

The novel was finished in 18 days. I wrote like a maniac. The possibilities were endless and it was too good to let go or leave it marinating. Editing, however, took seven months.

  1. What is the best thing someone has ever said to you (as a writer)?

This is a tough question. When my friends introduce me to their parents and partners as a writer, that itself gives me Goosebumps. Even more when my parents do that. I received a book from a friend, who is a follower of my short stories saying “For the R.K. Narayan of our times”. I felt humbled and elated at the same time. That would be the best thing ever.

  1. What kept you going?

Sometimes what we start as a hobby will become our passion. To be honest, writing is my escape. So I would say the hectic work schedule and difficult people in life are the reasons that I kept going.

  1. What are your hobbies, other than writing?

I like to walk. I like to walk a long distance. I read a lot. I love regional literature and try to consume it in whichever way possible. I have few people in my life who are smarter than me. I am thankful to them. Since they are from different industries and specialization, I make it a point to meet each one at least once in a month and talk about the latest developments in their respective field. It is fair to say that conversing with people is my hobby.

  1. Is there a book you are working on currently?

After Waterboarding, I had completed two books. One of the books is named “Sarigamapathani” which is about Carnatic music and how music can heal and saves people it had seduced. The other one is “Amar Chitra Katha” is about two men, one who is overly ambitious and the other who has no ambitions and what they learn from each other. I am also working on a Tamil novel. I try writing at least 1500 words per day. So I end up creating a lot of content. I also made it a point to write one short story per month.

  1. One book you want everyone to read?

I don’t think I can suggest one book for everyone. I would suggest 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami though. It is relatable to people in one way or other.

  1. Word of advice to the young writers out there?

Write. That is the only advice I can give to people. Thinking about writing is not writing. Hashtagging about writing is not writing. Telling people about your ideas for a novel is not writing. Taking pictures with writers in literary festivals is not writing. Sit down. Type it up. Hate it. Delete it. Start over. That is how it works. If you really want to take a break from writing, make sure the book you are going to read in that period is worth it. If you don’t have books that will nourish your soul, energize you to get back to writing, skip it.

  1. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I am a man who hardly plans his evenings. At any point in a day, my thought would be about the next meal I am going to eat. I don’t plan for five days let alone ten years. To be honest, I lack that kind of imagination. But I would like to have published ten or more books in ten years of time.


Books by the Author:

That’s all for the day, folks.

A tiny mention of an interview I gave about life as a blogger. Click here to view the post. The questions were so interesting and I had so much fun. Thank you, Sir, for the lovely interview and post.



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