Book Review: Two on a Sled by A. J. Lloyd

Two on a Sled

Author: A. J. Lloyd

Publisher: Olympia Publication

Genre: Gothic Romance


Blurb (as on Goodreads):

After being required to leave a big city home for a promotion in rural Virginia, the widow, Lizbeth, and her daughter, Dendy, seek a quiet life with church and making new friends. Due to Dendy’s boredom they turn to an old Ouija board and encounter exciting, yet disturbing, messages. Lizbeth’s attraction to a married man, teen turbulence and cryptic happenings add to the mystery of what lies ahead. Will Lizbeth ever remarry? Why the attraction to this man? Is there anything to Ouija’s revelations? What secrets are revealed?

Untitled - Copy

The story of Lizbeth, a single mom, who has just moved to a small town for a fresh start. She, along with her daughter Dendy lives in a tiny house, but they aren’t alone. The feel the presence of a strange supernatural creature, usually accompanied by the smell of honeysuckles. They seek the help of an Ouija Board to get some answers and some harrowing details are revealed. On the brighter side, Lizbeth finds herself involved with a married man. Will they be able to find out the reason for the ghost’s existence and help secure a life for themselves?

A story that talks about love, living or dead. The attachments, the pain and the yearning, all intertwined into this ‘gothic romance’. The writing style is simple and hence easy to glide along. The plot is fairly simple and has little twists. There are ghosts but it’s not gory at all. Instead, they have stories that we need to figure out throughout, like connecting the dots. It’s easy to connect with the characters, as they are not complex or layered.

It might get a bit monotonous but one needs to hang on. The plot gets better over the pages. Overall, it’s the kind of book you would wanna pick at your free time and enjoy it at your own pace.


3 star


** Much Thanks to Olympia publishers for a copy. All opinions are my own.


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