Favourite books of 2017/ End of the year recommendations.

2017 is almost gone and here comes another year, which will bring with itself hope, love and opportunities. It’s about time to make New Year Resolutions which will be edited multiple times before we settle for something that we think is within achievable limits.

Well, nevertheless I am super excited for 2018. Looking back to the books I read this year, here are a few books that were my favorite reads, and I would totally recommend these books to my fellow readers as well as bloggers. (Click on the name to go to their Goodreads page)


Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance: A boy, living among wolves, is dragged into the human world and has a tough time adjusting to their ways. He is kind, smart, funny and magical. Well, he can tame storms-isn’t that magical? Review here 🙂

Winternight Series: Two books in this series and I am sold. A sneak peek into the enchanting world of Russian Folklore, the novel has a female protagonist who will win your heart one way or the other. Hell, you fall in love with monsters too and it’s all worth it.  The Bear and The Nightingale, The Girl in the Tower (Click for reviews)

The Handmaid’s Tale: I have lost count of the number of people I have suggested, or rather forced them to read this book. This is a thrilling, dystopian novel that has touched my heart and left me thinking about how cruel the world can get. Review here 🙂

Hell! No Saints in Paradise: The manifestation of religion over logic, is what constitutes this bizarre novel. Review here 🙂


The Poison of Love: A perfect glimpse of the ways love can destroy you. A metaphorical take on the consequences of ‘Crazy, Stupid Love’. Nope, not the movie. Review here 🙂

Sing, Unburied, Sing: What happens when souls are trapped on Earth because of all the injustice they have suffered due to racism? Or when black people are taught to behave a certain way because the ‘Whites’ leave no opportunity to torment them. A lyrical take on Racism and the concept of ‘Home’. Review here 🙂

The Vegetarian: Scary, Bizzare and blunt take on the effect small, almost insignificant events from our childhood can leave us scarred for life. A book about all those hidden emotions and sufferings the build up over time, leading to disastrous consequences. Review here 🙂

Em and the Big Hoom: Mental illness and suicidal tendencies handled in the most mature and realistic way. The only book about suicide and self-harm I could ever relate to. Review here 🙂

Ghachar Ghocher: A satirical take on a typical Indian household, and their journey from rags to riches. Review here 🙂


When Breath Becomes Air: I cried. That’s the effect this book has on people. How does the life of a neurosurgeon change, when he is diagnosed with terminal, inoperable form of Cancer? What adjustments are to be made? What happens to the person who saves so many lives, but sees his own life slipping from his own hands?

The Siege: Attack on the Taj: When The Taj Hotel, Mumbai was attacked by the terrorists, I kept an eye on every tiny development or news that came across. And when I realized that a book exists, which was written by a survivor of the attack and contains insights on the attack and the way it was carried out, I had to get it. I have cried for days because certain people can be merciless and cruel in unimaginable ways. The writing style managed to break me bit by bit.

That’s a wrap for 2017. A post on the authors and books I want to read in 2018 will be up soon. Till then, Happy Holidays and A Happy New Year.


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