Graphic Novel Review: Amazon Adventure (Finding the hidden city of El Dorado)

Amazon Adventure (Graphic Novel)

Author: Kamaleshwar Mukherjee

Publisher: Bee Books


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‘Chander Pahar’ is a novel that was initially published in 1937. It follows the adventures of a young Bengali man, Shankar into the forests of Africa. He is an ardent lover of geography and quits his job to follow his heart’s desire to explore the world. He meets with difficulties and life-threatening situations but is brave enough to face them and emerge triumphantly.

The sequel to the novel ‘Chander Pahar’, ‘Amazon Adventure’ shows yet another adventure that Shankar, the protagonist chooses to be a part of. Kamaleshwar Mukherjee takes the story forward by following the footsteps of Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay- The Literary Maestro of Bengal and the author of ‘Chander Pahar’.

Shankar, alongside Anna, is on a mission to find the hidden city of El Dorado. But the journey is not an easy one, as there are ferocious and poisonous animals lurking in the shadows. Well, Amazon is definitely not a safe forest. There are Gold-Diggers and local tribes who feel threatened at the mere sight of a human. But there are protectors too and all of them together form the Amazon, one of the most deadly forests on Earth.

Plot: The plot is just like any other adventure, with a number of people at the start of the journey, and the number slowly reducing due to various reasons. There are plot twists at times, and the story goes as smooth as it can.

Language: Well since it’s a graphic novel, simple sentences have been used to describe the plot and the dialogues are devoid of emotions or sentiments. It just acts as an additional support to the graphics.

Graphics: The illustrations are spectacular, and almost the entire plot can be figured out through these graphics. The book has a very strong smell of ink and all of it looks so beautiful. (I have to mention that I found the illustrations of Shankar very similar to the actor who plays Shankar in the movie).

Extra Points for Details: The author might not have elaborated on emotions but there are these tiny moments that got me attached to the plot and the characters, which is such an essential part of any novel.

The novel is about 70 pages long and certain events are left unexplained, especially towards the end of the story. The climax gets sloppy and it looks like the author might be in a hurry to finish it. It got really difficult to follow the chain of events which was extremely disappointing.

The movie version of this novel is ‘Amazon Obhijan’ and is to be released in Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Assamese, Oria, and Hindi. The movie is being produced by SVF Entertainment.

Overall, this is a great extension of Shankar’s adventures. I will recommend this book to kids who love a good graphic novel-short and sweet. (I will be gifting this book to my brother. He’ll be so excited 🙂 )

ratings3 star

Purchase Links:               |Amazon Kindle||Amazon Paperback|

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