Book Review: Love, loss and some deaths by Arka Datta

Love, Loss and Some Deaths

Author: Arka Datta

Genre: Thriller, Fiction


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Five short and scary stories, the one hour I gave to this book was worth it. This is a short review because I couldn’t write much without giving away the plot. Now, who likes to be a spoilt-sport?

5 stories, each creating an impact on you. Themes differ but what’s common is the unpredictability.

Each plot has its own dark, unexpected twist. Suspense is well maintained, some are even nerve-racking.

The Runaways is about the impact the Holocaust had on people’s lives. People are scared for life. All that enveloped into a love story. Bitter-sweet.

Love, Ink, and Readheads is scary at its best. Loved the plot, the characters, and the theme.

Cold in May is a short read and this was my not-so-surprised element in the book.
Interpretation of a Murder is a story within a story. It gets a bit confusing but leaves you baffled at the end.

For the Sake of a Fated Ending is a real deal. Dramatic yet edgy. Imagination makes things so much better, or rather filmy (because Bollywood does that to us Indians).

I love the extra mile the author goes to place wit as a part of his stories. That’s one of the reasons I would never think twice before picking up a book by the author. That gives the Kick and that raises the ratings too :P.



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Do you enjoy such scary reads? The ones that break your heart and damage your soul?


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