Book Review: Adventures in Farland by Moshank Relia

Adventures in Farland

Author: Moshank Relia

Publisher: Rumour Books India

Genre: Middle-Grade Fantasy


clipart-bars-dividers-1Blurb (as on Goodreads):

Mira Rawat has heard tales of Farland all her life from her mother, who has described the magical place of gnomes, fairies, mermaids and animals, and especially its wondrous festival, the New Moon Party. Now, Mira has been informed by a man named Bushy that she has been invited by Princess Harmonica to attend the party. Bushy also uses a spell to turn her two friends, the mischievous and vexing boys, Bira and Vira, into rats so that they will not disturb the other party guests with their constant fighting and misbehaviour. At midnight, Mira, with Bira and Vira snuggled in her pocket, climbs Gunhill and is picked up by the pilot Starhead and flown in his plane to the party. However, the flight is cut short by a terrible wind, and Starhead is forced to land his plane near the Lost Forest. There, Mira discovers that Farland is in great jeopardy. Another Farland resident, Windman, has been generating great windstorms to prevent the Queen of Witches from reaching Dragon Hill. She intends to release the Dragon of Underhill, chained in its den beneath Dragon Hill, so that Farland will be burned and completely destroyed.

gold-dividerMy Take

One fine morning Mira Rawat, the daughter of a flower vendor, goes out with her extremely mischievous and chaotic friends- Bira and Vira. Their plan was to shoot balloons and have some much-needed fun, unaware of the adventure waiting for them. Mira’s mother always told her stories about a place call Farland- a world that had fairies, gnomes, dragons and other fantasy creatures. While having fun with Bira and Vira, she meets Bushy, who hands her an invitation sent by the Princess of Farland, invited her and her friends to attend the New Moon Party.

Mira reaches Farland and is told that an evil witch has her eyes upon the city of Farland and she has enough magical powers to destroy the city. Will Meera be able to save the city of Farland?

The plot is so cool. It has fairies, gnomes, talking animals, witches and wizards. An adventure in itself, the story also comes with illustration (which I instantly wanted to color because I could imagine the world that the author created). The writing is simple and clear. Very few but extremely interesting characters. Loved the names too. It’s intriguing and manages to get attention at every point. There’s also a moral aspect to the story which works wonders to a kid’s mind.

I will definitely suggest this book to all the kids I meet. And personally, I am glad the author gave me a chance to read and review this tiny tale. It made me realize that tales from the fantasy world excites me the same way as it did all those years back. (Don’t ask me how many. I feel so old 😛 )



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Do you read such books from time to time? I think I’ll have to start doing that. A short magical journey.

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