Book Review: Advent of the Proxy (The Ascension #1)


Advent of the Proxy (The Ascension #1)

Author: Gaurav Atulkumar Singh

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Fiction


clipart-bars-dividers-1Blurb (as on Goodreads):

Backed into a corner, Vayu, a sickly thirteen-year-old child unleashes his true potential. With this newly discovered ability, he imagines life would become simpler. Soon though, he realizes he is not alone. The world is not as it seems and ancient secrets begin to unravel. Will Vayu be able to protect the ones he loves from the threats this new universe brings?

gold-dividerMy Take

You require a certain amount of insanity to make your dreams come true!

Vayu is the quietest guy in his school. He has no friends. But his family loves him and he loves Bernard, a pup he found in the quite alleys around the school. Vayu is honest, punctual, well-mannered and polite. He stands up for people who are weak and are subjected to being bullied or are being hurt. Vayu is loved by all.

But Vayu is not an ordinary guy, for he possesses powers that can hurt, and even kill his victims.

Vayu learns about his power while saving Bernard from the hand of his classmate, Tanmay. But soon he realizes a few things.

  1. He has to learn to control his power
  2. He has been bestowed with such powers for a greater cause

Vayu must be protected from the evil power so that he can reach his goal.

Advent of the Proxy has the capability to become a good novel. The setting and the idea might seem mad stream, but the writing style is brilliant. The plot is a little fast. The years go by soon and there’s not much Vayu does with his power other than protecting his fellow classmates and friends. There’s also a teenage love story going on. But that doesn’t affect the flow of the story.

The story is 81 pages long and hence there’s not much going on. If anyone wants to pick this book up, I suggest it’s better to read the entire series together. Because the plot doesn’t give out enough. It’s more of a backdrop to a forthcoming saga.



Purchase link:                              Amazon Kindle


Waiting for the second part.

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